About Us


Phoenix international school Jaora

Phoenix international school , Jaora nurtures talent and grooms intellect in every Phoenixite because each and every child is unique and has his/her own gift to bring to the world.
We believe that an education system is considered wholesome when sports and games , co-curricular & creative activities are persued on a regular basis along with the academic learning process. This helps the child in his/her holistic development .
The present time demands students to possess better thinking skills ,deeper analytical skills , balanced social skills and updated technical skills . To do this , we give personalized attention to each students and adopt multiple modes of delivery such as :

Learning by Watching – Site visit , Movies , Excursions etc .
Learning by Reading – Books , Magazines , Newspaper , Novels etc .
Learning by Sharing – Ideas , Solutions , Joy etc.
Learning by Helping—Community service Activity etc.
Learning by Listening – Classrooms , Guest lectures , Talks etc.
Learning by Performing—Music , Art , Dance , Games etc
Learning by Experimenting – Laboratories , Workshops etc .
Learning by Leading – Group discussions , Student council , House system etc .
Our vision is to ensure holistic development of body , mind soul of our students through meaningful and joyful education . We aim to groom children into courageous and humble intellectuals who shall make a positive impact on their family society and nation.