House System

Competitiveness, Leadership quality, Self confidence, Capability of taking decisions and feeling for each others help are required for the complete development of students. Shree Bafna Public Schhol (SBPS)adapts House system for enhancing such these skills of students. Four houses are built at SBPS as regard to this system, where students are given different responsibilities. SBPS House shows important aspects of the life.

Generally the power is considered as force, but SBPS tells its students about such powers of the life that are much more effective than the powers using force. for example Non-violence, Unity, Equality, Thinking & Listening, Understanding & Love. SBPS House shows such positive powers of the life.

Warmness has the unbreakable relation with the Human being and this warmness is shown by our enthusiasm, energy, leanness, capability and passion for continuous working. Human has got to pass through the different dimensions of the life. SBPS has made Warm house for understanding of these aspects of life.

Everubody knows about continuously increasing global warming, Natural disasters due to imbalance of nature and Refreshment in this era of pollution. For stopping these disasters one needs enough knowledge of the environment. SBPS has made Fresh house for understanding of responsibilities towards nature.

Water is as important as Power, Warm and Refreshment. SBPS Cool House boosts “Pani hai to zindgani hai, Duniya ki yahi kahani hai”, Water management, purification protection and the responsibilities of its appropriate use.